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Bundle # 1 : Single Bed Set + Extra Cover Pack

Bundle # 1 : Single Bed Set + Extra Cover Pack

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Bundle set of Duvet Domes, featuring;

10 piece Duvet Domes set (single bed)

  • 5 x white domes 

  • 4 x pink domes 

  • 1 x black dome

1 extra pack of Duvet Domes Cover set 

  • 10 x white domes

Enough domes for one single inner and two single covers! 

Perfect for those that like to switch up their covers frequently, and need extra domes for more than one single bed duvet cover.

Slip-free snuggles, here we come!

Different inners for different seasons? Add an inner-only set.

Watch our how-to video for the best method of attaching Duvet Domes to your inner and cover.


Please note: These are our new and improved design utilising metal domes. They are not compatible with the older, plastic style domes.