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Frequently asked questions 

How do Duvet Domes attach to my bedding?

They are ironed on using the iron temperature guide on the How It Works page on the website. Ensure that the steam function on you iron is turned OFF.


Are Duvet Domes removable once they have been ironed on?

Duvet Domes are designed for longevity with your bedding, so they are not designed to be removed and re-used. They can be removed once with a hot iron, but will not be reusable after this.


Can I use a tumble dryer with my Duvet Domes attached to my bedding?

Due to the heat emitted in a dryer, we recommend you only line-dry any bedding with Duvet Domes attached.


How should I wash my bedding with Duvet Domes attached?

Take care of your Duvet Domes by washing your bedding in cold or warm wash (40° max).


Are Duvet Domes non-toxic?

Yes, Duvet Domes are 100% toxic free.


Where are Duvet Domes made?

Duvet Domes are designed right here in New Zealand, and manufactured in China.


What are your shipping times?

We dispatch all Duvet Domes orders on the same day of purchase before 3pm, or next day for orders after 3pm NZT.


How long will shipping take?

Due to the pandemic and delayed courier services, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe, but most of our Duvet Domes customers in NZ will have their order within a week of ordering.


Can I mix and match by Duvet Domes?

The pink (and black) domes are designed to attach to your duvet inner, and only the white domes will pair with these (which attached to your cover).


I have some of the older designed Duvet Domes, are they compatible with your newer design?

Because our newly designed Duvet Domes now have a metal dome (as opposed to the previous plastic dome), they are not compatible.


Will these work on weighted blankets?

Duvet Domes are designed for inners and covers, though we have had some customers use them on their weighted blankets with success.


How do I attached my Duvet Domes?

Visit our How It Works page and watch our simple step-by-step video guide.


What is the story behind Duvet Domes?

Visit our About page to learn more about the Duvet Domes story.


I have a question that isn’t answered here. What is the best way to get in touch?

We are always happy to field your questions! Please get in touch with the Duvet Domes team by emailing and we will endeavour to be in touch within 24hours.