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Step 1

Position the pink domes on the underside of your inner (approx 25mm (1”) from the edge). Make sure that Dinky Dome (the black dome) is placed in the middle at the head of your inner.



Step 2

Position the white Cover Domes on the inside and underside of your cover, so that the inner will sit perfectly in place. Your cover might be larger than your inner, so position your domes carefully (see our positioning guide below).


Positioning Guide
Your cover is likely to be a little larger than your inner. Position your cover domes to pair up with your inner domes. We recommend lying the inner and cover side-by-side to double check. 


Step 3

Iron all domes into position. Turn your iron steam function OFF, then check your fabric care label for the fabric type and consult the Iron Temperature Guide below for heat settings and how long to iron each dome. If in doubt, always use a lower heat setting first.


Step 4

Once your domes are ironed in place, snap them together so that the inner and cover are connected. Then turn your cover back in the right way. It's as simple as that! 



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Iron Temperature Guide

Turn steam function OFF

Linen & Cotton – med/high temp, press for 5-15 secs.

Wool – med temp, press for 15-30 secs.

Synthetic – low/med temp, press for 15-30 secs.


Caring for your Duvet Domes

  • Only attach Duvet Domes to clean bedding.
  • Take care of your Duvet Domes by washing your bedding in cold or warm wash (40° max).
  • Line dry only.
  • Do not dry-clean or tumble dry.


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